The goal of the 12 Steps is to take us through a process of spiritual awakening that will radically change who we are. Central to this awakening is a transformational change in perception: the way we see ourselves, other people, God, and the world.

As we go through this change, how we see and what we care about become gradually grounded in the spiritual, not in the material, in God, not in self. This gives our emotions a new, spiritual foundation.

The way we react emotionally to situations is a function of the way we see those situations affect the things that we care about. Thus, as our seeing and caring become spiritually anchored, so will our emotions.

This steady shift in outlook and motivation is fostered by all the Steps, and in particular by Steps 4 and 10. When taking inventory and examining ourselves, we need always inquire: How am I looking at this? What defects are distorting my vision? What principles can help me correct it? Am I seeing this from a spiritual perspective? Do I have my AA glasses on?


“Practice these principles”