Meet Cardinal House

Ricky Vasquez

Ricky Vasquez has been living in active recovery since 2010. Life lessons and the tools he has acquired in recovery have empowered him to transform his life to be willing to love and serve others. His vision of a safe, sober environment for people to get well began when he opened the doors to his house to addicts in Austin his first year sober, and it was then that he realized that more had to be done for newly-sober men who were struggling with accountability and living by spiritual principles.  Ricky’s love for, promise to, and gratitude towards God have enabled him to provide the structured sober living that is Cardinal House; a mission to help addicts rebuild their lives.  Ricky enjoys prayer and meditation, teaching, outdoor activities, traveling, and reading.  He holds a BS in Economics from Texas A&M University and a MEd from Concordia University.

Brandon Thibodeaux

Brandon Thibodeaux is a person in long-term recovery, which means that he has not taken a drink or drug since May of 2011.  His vision it to help create a community that will enable people to recover and live happy and useful lives. Brandon got sober in Austin, Texas and found a passion for helping others shortly after gaining his sobriety. Brandon Lived in a structured recovery home for the first 18 months of his recovery and learned how to become a responsible, kind, considerate, man of integrity. He continues to live and serve in his community in Austin, TX. Brandon enjoys spending time with family, fellowshipping, real estate, prayer/meditation, exercising, and travel.

Josh Jordan

Throughout his time in sober living environments and related facilities, Josh gathered and observed experiences and principles that not only aid him in his daily journey but also instilled in him a passion to share what he has found with other men. The several years he has been in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction have been full of sometimes painful learning experiences. Many of these shaped him into the man he is today and continue to guide his daily life as a recovered man.

Josh is involved with volunteer work within the recovery community constantly. He enjoys the time he gets to spend in service for others. His hope is that through the formation of the community he envisions, other young men can come to know how to stand on their feet by helping each other up and becoming recovered, principled men.

– Josh Jordan (918-998-4223)

Christian Pollock

Christian is a man in active recovery who is excited about sharing the story of his struggles with and in sobriety and has a heartfelt desire to help others who have found themselves in the same predicament. His personal experiences with multiple treatment centers and sober living programs, some 12-step, others not, have given him a broad view of the principles of recovery. Realizing that practicing the AA principles in recovery and in life, with “giving back” paramount to success, he enjoys his commitment to helping others through Cardinal House.  He is involved with volunteer work both inside and outside of the recovery community. He enjoys the outdoors, music and playing guitar as well as meditation, anything with an engine, reconnecting with his family, and his golden retriever named Stinky.

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