Cardinal House Recovery


testimonial 1 sober

Cardinal House taught me what recovery is all about. The accountability, unity and family atmosphere showed me I wasn’t alone anymore. I came here and saw people with a solution to their problems, a solution i so desperately wanted and now have. I am forever grateful for Cardinal House and what they have done for me.-

testimonial 2 sober

When I first got to Cardinal House I only really had one goal. Save money and get back to my old life in Pennsylvania. This is mainly because the past sober livings I have been in only required, work, pay rent, and be able to pass alcohol and drug tests. Cardinal is different and I will be forever thankful for it. The staff and owners are very involved and meet with us at least once a week to not just make sure we are paying rent, working and passing our tests, but making sure we are working with a sponsor to get to the root of my real problem, Me! Cardinal house has pushed me to really learn what recovery is. What fellowship looks like. And most importantly what it’s like to be of service to others. I always thought alcohol and drugs were my problem, but was always so confused why when I removed them I was still miserable and continued to go back to them. Cardinal House pushed me to find a long term solution. I can honestly say I am happy today. Something that I can’t remember feeling in a very long time. Thank Cardinal House, Thank the 12 steps, and Thank GOD!!

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Dallas Texas